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Sophia has for many years been a fan of almost everything fantasy related, She has played all available games, seen all movies, read all books. Sophia has even dreamt about entering a fantasy world at night. She has even caught herself in imagining fantasy creatures and fighting them, when she's walking down the street. But one day in a dark alley near an abandoned industry complex she found a portal.
"I've made it! Now I can explore a real Fantasy world!"

The image uses elements from at least the following products

Sexy Sorceress G3F
TreeScapes Backdrops
MountainScapes Backdrops
Free Spirit Hair G3F
Deliciously Evil Queen Outfit G3F
dForce Wild Nettle Outfit G8F
dForce Ethereal Fantasy Outfit G8F
Exquisite Ornaments Outfit G8F
dForce Alascanus Outfit G8M
Raquel HD G3F G8F
dForce Minute 2 Midnight Outfit G8F
High Mountain Portal
TinyThings G3F
X-Fashion Attractive Corset G8F
dForce Celeste Outfit G8F

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