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About me

Ever since I first found some crappy 3D software many years ago, I've been facinated by the idea of creating my own 3D images and animations. I've tried a lot of software and different versions of software like 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D and Poser. For a number of reasons I never got much further than installing the software. In the recent years affordable computers and 3D manipulation software like Poser and Daz3D Studio became powerful enough to render high quality images.
All my renders are made with Daz3D studio Pro. It can downloaded free here. Free software and 3D models to pay for is a fine business concept. After a few months my PayPal account was drained. And I haven't yet bought half of what I have in my wishlists.

About the website

I've written many webpages since my first Internet connection in the late nineties. Of cause RenderGallery.one is written from scratch by my self. I'll recommend www.w3schools.com if you like to design your own websites. Why do I write my webpages from scrach, when I can find free online blog software? That is because I like to have full control of 100% of the site, and I like the feeling of creatings something and see how it develops.

Future plans

It's my vision to publish 40-50 new renders each year. That is more or less one each week.
With a lot of shopping and'll start write reviews of some of the models i buy.
A blog with my thoughts and ideas.
Maybe I'll add a feature to write comments to the renders.

Data registration and privacy

When you visit www.rendergallery.one the hosting service records your visit for statistics. At some point I'll use the same data for render recommandations. Recorded data is date, time, the page you visit, the page you came from and your User agent data. In other word data you leave behind whenever you visit a webpage and noting at all that can be used to identify you as an individual. Later these recordings will be used to recommend other great render from this site.
www.rendergallery.one does not saves any information or cookies on your computer.

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