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Animating A Walk Cycle

I've Previously bought two set of aniblocks with walking animations. I must admit that Idon't really like any of them. Image a female speed walking with 1 meter per step in high heels and catwalk style where each foot crosses over to the opposite side of the other foot. So I'm trying to create one by myself. That is not as simple as it may sound. Even If there only are 7 joints to animate. Timing is everything.
Come on how hard can it be. It's just one leg in front of the other over and over again. Well. No. Try and think about it. When a woman walks down the street, men loves to see her hips swing from side to side. Cool. But how does that swing follow her legs. Then you can move on to the knees and ankles.
When all the joint movements are figured out, there is one last ting, that can ruin the walk. The ground. The foot on the ground must stay on the spot till it's lifted. That is it can't slide back and forth like there's no friction. And it can't move up and down like there's no ground or gravity.
How hard can it be.

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