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Shopping Highlights of August

August has ended and it's time to take a look at the new purchases that I find most interresting. This month DAZ3D started the annual PA sale and most likely it continues until the start of October. Where til Annual PC+ Sale Starts.
For this month I'll highlight the following items.
- Fluidos
- Skinchangers Male
- Skinchangers Female
- Darby
- Alyas Bath
Fluidos is an exciting new plug-in that simulates fluid dynamics. It is a bit complicated to get started. But the creator has included some great video tutorials. I've tested it a few times with great results.
The skinchanger products. Changes your Genesis 3 Characters to some fured beasts.
Darby and Alyas Bath has been on my wishlist at Renderosity for a long time. Darby is a new female character for G3F and Alyas Bath is a bath house interior with a arabic or persian touch.

Highlighted items as promo images

Alyas Bath
3DS Darby G3F
Skinchangers Female
Skinchangers Male
FLUIDOS for Daz Studio

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