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Shopping Highlights of September

September is over And it was one of my must expensive months. There are two main reasons for that. First it was the annual Premier Artist sale at Daz3D. This sale had a lot of good offers, just like the previous years. The PA sale 2018 is over when you read this, but it's followed by the PC+ sale. I hope I'll be better at holding on to my credit cart.
The second reason for the expensive month is that Filter Forge was on sale at 75% off. Enough talking. Here are the items I've bougt, that I'm most excited about.

- dForce July Gown G8F
- i13 Steakhouse Environment
- Ktarya Outfit G3F and G8F
- Exnem Cake and Pies
- Modular Medieval Village
- Country Fresh Outfit G3F and G8F - Review

I recommend you take a look for yourself. But I'll give a few words about a few of them. Out of Touch makes so many beautiful gowns. All new outfits from OOT are for genesis 8 characters. Ironman13 has created so many environments with matching outfits, and the steakhous is just one of them. Exnem has created a lot of food related items, the Cake and pies that I've listed is a product with some years behind it. That means it's made for poser, but works fine in Daz3D Studio.

Highlighted items as promo images

Country Fresh Outfit G3F G8F
Modular Medieval Village
Ktarya Outfit G3F and G8F
Exnem Cake & Pies
i13 Steakhouse Environment
dForce July Gown G8F

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