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Shopping Highlights of December

The year ended with another sale. The Holiday loyalty sale. It works by giving you a percentage of all your orders during the sale. My percentage was 30%, Or in other word I spent far too much this year. But I knew that.
After more than 3 months packed with different sales PA sale, PC+ Sale and Loyalty sale. I hope I can keep my spendings down to a minimum in the comming months.

- Kadis - Ancient Legendary Armor, Weapons and Poses G3F
- Super Natural Brows Merchant Resource G3F G8F
- Adinna Hair G3F G8F
- Executive's Pool House
- The Cave Island

The Ancient Legendary Armor My plan with this outfit is for some renders with orcs and humans. Super Natural Brows It happens that the character I use has eyebrows that doesn't match the hair color. So combined with Brow Remover this will give my female characters natural looking brows. Adinna Hair This is not just another hair, but also a complete set of jewelry. Even better the tiara is on top of the head. Not across the forehead as seen in many other elven/fantasy sets. Executive's Pool House An exclusive pool area. This could be a night club or a luxury resort.The Cave Island Arghhh!! Shipwrecked sailors or where pirates are hiding their treasure.

Highlighted items as promo images

Super Natural Brows Merchant Resource G3F G8F
Kadis - Ancient Legendary Armor, Weapons and Poses G3F
Executive's Pool House
Adinna Hair G3F G8F
The Cave Island

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