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My Own 3D models

A little more than a year ago. August 1st 2018 to be excact. I wrote about My first success in 3D modelling. Now time has come to step it up a bit. I've been working on some models for a render. They are still fairly simple models, but I've used som better techiques. Here they are. A round fish tank, some sand or gravel in the bottom and a body of water.

The materials used for the models are 100% procedural. This means that no image files were used. However at least a base texture would improve the sand significant. I should also have defined a material zone on top of the water to give it some small waves.

As always I've many other ideas I would love to model. In seconds I can come up with an idea. But getting it done is not as fast. At some point I also have to practice with textures, so there is plenty of things to do.

Have you seen these renders?

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