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Shopping Highlights of August

This was a quiet month. Most of what I bought was nice to have stuff like morphs, hdri skies and a few male characters. And of cause some medieval environments. I wish there was more Pirate themed item for sale.

- Fluttershy dForce outfit G8F
- Soap Suds Iray G3F G3M G8F G8M
- The Steps To Erewhon
- Tyrannosaurus Rex 3
- Medieval Scriptorium

I look forward to make an animation with Fluttershy dForce outfit. I bet I'll have at least 100 failed attempts to have dForce behave like I want. Soap Suds Iray can of cause be used for a sexy photoshoot. So here the challenge is to use it for something different. The Steps To Erewhon is a nice little tower, that can be added to many of my forest or grasland landscapes. If you just have to buy a dinosaur, it has to be a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Ther's a saying that 'The pen is mightier than the sword'. In a Medieval Scriptorium the monks must have their fights too.

Highlighted items as promo images

Medieval Scriptorium
The Steps To Erewhon
Soap Suds Iray G3F G3M G8F G8M
Tyrannosaurus Rex 3
Fluttershy dForce outfit G8F

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