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Shopping Highlights of September

The Sale season at daz has begun. There's always another sale at daz., but the best of them are in the last three months of the year.

- Grimwood Manor
- High Mountain Portal
- Corset Collection G3F
- Bodystocking G8F

Grimwood Manor I've made a spooky render before. With this one I must do another one. High Mountain PortalI had something inspired by World of Warcraft in mind with this portal, The Corset Collection isn't that special in itself. But because only a few outfits include corsets, this is very useful when mixing parts from different outfits.With the Bodystocking set, the story is pretty much the same.

Highlighted items as promo images

Slit Dress Package G8F
Corset Collection G3F
Grimwood Manor
High Mountain Portal

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