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Working hard to reduce my wishlists

it's been more than three years since I bought my first 3D model. All store I use has a wishlist feature, and my wishlist just grew and grew.Partly because of that I've spent a fortune on models over the years. As an obvious result, my collection now contains almost everything I need. And in some case maybe even more than that. After all, there is a limit to how many party dresses and high heels my female characters can use. That's my opinion, but please don't ask them about it.

With the last three months of sales, my wishlists are now shorter that they've ever been. it stille happens that I add new items to the lists, but far less that I used to.

Will there come a day when there's nothing leff for my to buy? Most likely not, But unless a new feature ort plug-in that I didn't knew I needed, my shopping frenzy will be reduced to a minimum. I Hope.

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