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Shopping Highlights of March

March has enden. And so has the March Madness Sale. It did so with sunday the 5th od April as the last day, exactly has I predicted.

- Content Wizard
- dForce Incognito Outfit G8F
- Wise Sensei G3M
- Western Town

I've a lot of content that the creator has put int some wierd folders, or even worse misspelled folders. With Content Wizard I hope I'll be able to clean up this mess without breaking the smart content feature in the process.
I'm not how nuch I actually need the Incognito Outfit. But I like it for it's simply and classy look.
Wise Sensei Outfit is one of the few male asian outfits, that has a fairly realistic design.
The Western Town
environment is a set of abandonned western buildings. My plan is to add them to other western environments.

Highlighted items as promo images

Western Town
Wise Sensei G3M
Content Wizard
dForce Incognito Outfit G8F

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