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First Attempts In 3D Modelling

I've started to practice 3D modelling. So soon I hope I'll be able to add my own models to my renders. I've tried with free tutorials and tips I found online, but that was like walking in circles, because all of them covered the first steps and that was it. Or it was so old it was useless. Or the creater of the tutorial stopped way before intented. Instead I've bougt a training course for free software from Renderosity It's a bit repeating too, but unless you know how to work with all 5 programs used in the video series you'll still get value for your money.

One thing is the modelling and I think I'm getting a grip on it. Another thing is UV-mapping and creating materials.
UV-mapping is needed so any .obj compatible software knows what part of an image to put on each surface of the model.

All the tutorials I've tried models something simple like a chair or a simple huse. That's fine. But I'm more entusiastic when I model one of my own ideas. I have plenty of cool, complex and awesome ideas to model. But I have to keep it somewhat simple, so It is a challenge to complete. But still something I can complete without running into walls all the time.

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