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Shopping Highlights of May

May was an ordinary month. No huge sale campains, but still some good offers.
- Elven G3F
- The Dirndl 2015 G3F
- The Legend G3F and G8F
- Greek Island Overlook - Review
I have some cool ideas for the highlighted models. Some day I'll use "The Legend" for a 3D printed model. Maybe together wit one of the orc I've highlighted earlier. "Elven" is also obvious to use in combinations with orcs. "Greek Island Can be used for almost all kinds of modern renders. At renderosity I bought "The Dirndl 2015 G3F" as the name suggests it isn't brand new. But it will be perfect for a german octoberfest.

Highlighted items as promo images

Elven G3F
The Legend G3F and G8F
Greek Island Overlook
The Dirndl 2015 G3F

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