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Test: My System's Character Capacity
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Who remember the old MS-DOS game Battle Chess? I wanted to test how many characters my computer could handle. Just to add some meaning to the capacity test, I arranged the 16 characters like a human sized chess game.
This is still a test render, and there is lots of thing I'll do different if I do a final render someday. Most of all, I need a crown for the king.

The image uses elements from at least the following products

Victoria 7 G3F
G3F Body Morphs
Sexy Sorceress G3F
Sexy Sorceress Textures
Chace Hair G3F and G2F
Coleraine Hair G3F
Classic Chess
Leandros Hair and Beard G3M
Edwardian Hair G3F
Ivan 7 G3M
Victorian Santa G3M
Chevaleresse Armor G3F
Blood Red Outfit G3F
DAX Hair G3M and G3F
Medieval Fantasy Accessories G3F
Sighni Outfit G3F
Deliciously Evil Queen Outfit G3F

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