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Our hero has transfered the empire's big data to Energon Bubbles. But the empire has their humanoid drones on the spot to take down all intruders. How is this going to end?
Sci-Fi renders and the theme isn't what my favorite. But after a lot of shopping, some sci-fi assets has come to my library anyway. So why not try to do something useful with it. When I began on this render I thought I had a lot of Sci-Fi stuff. But much of it turned out not to be that much Sci-Fi after all.

The image uses elements from at least the following products

Adaline HD G3F
Artemis Moon G3F
Geneva Hair G3F
Galactic Armor Outfit G3M
Attention Please Outfit G3F
Dale G3M
SS Marcoor Lifts
Minx Pumps G3F

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