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Slime Attack
Gallery - Fantasy - SciFi
Four friends fooled around inside an old abandoned railroad station. How they all got stuck in slime was a mystery to all of them. Far more troubling is the fact who has taken the photo, and why none of them can remember anything about it, or how they came home.

Maybe someone can make a horror movie on a tiny plot like this.

The image uses elements from at least the following products

Brady Hair G3F
Abigail Outfit G3F
Summer Trend Outfit G3F
Laid Back Outfit G3M
Brayden HD G3M
Hye G3F
SF Horrible Slime Iray
Halina HD G3F
Kenji 7 G3M
Eliot Hair G3M and G3F
Classic Roll Hair G3F
Abandoned Train Station
Restaurant Waiter Uniform G3M
Slime Attack - Vol. 1
Commander Hair G3M and G8M

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