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The First Dance
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The King and Queen watches hopefully, as the Prince from the neighbouring country asks the Princess for a dance. Could this lead to a alliance between the two countries before their common enemy bewcomes too stong for each of them to battle alone?
This render could be depicting the late medieval times as well as the early Renaissance. So it must be somewhere around the year 1400, give or take a few decades. Depending on the difinition there is some overlap between the periods.

The image uses elements from at least the following products

Baroque Grandeur
Celebrations for Baroque Grandeur
Medieval Princess Dress G3F
Victorian Santa G3M
Elven Prince Outfit G3M
Deliciously Evil Queen Outfit G3F
FW Tobias HD G3M
Alexandra 8
Odin Hair & Beard G8M
Historical Hair G3M G8M
Historical Hair G3F G8F
Aurore G3F G8F
dForce Medieval Headpieces G8F
Adeline Hair and Circlets G8F
Lionel G8M

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