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Hot Witch

Hot Witch
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If you need a hot witch for Halloween or any similar national event. This is the outfit you need. We all know tales about old wrinkled witches brewing nasty soups in their large cauldrons. Not this time. Here we have a sexy woman with the ability to enchant all men around her. simply with her presence, feminine curves and seductive moves.

The dress has a deep V-cut in front and the skirt has a jegged edge. Apart from that it is a fairly simple sleeveless dress with a little folds and creases. The sleeves is jagged in the end up to the elbow. Andthe sleeves have some folds and creases like the dress. The hat may be a little oversized. But it has to, to fit it over the hair. Depending on what you can do with the hair you may be able to downsize the hat to a more reasonable size. At last but not least there is the broom. The broom is easy to forget but it is nice and detailed enough for both flying and sweeping.

4 differet for each clothing item. The materials are purple, red, black and black with sequins. There is one material option for the for the broom

For the dress there are morphs for reveal breasts, skirt length, width lift plus a lot for adjustment. For the sleeves there are some morphs for adjustment. There are no morphs for the hat or the broom.

The dress can be used on its own whenever your character is at the nightclub or at a party with friends.
I can't think of a good use for the sleeve alone. But since the sleeves and dress has jagged edges. They coan be used as a fairy or pixie if you apply a greenish materieal.
The hat reminds me of Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings or the sorting hat from Harry Potter.
And not to forget the broom. I think it can be used to sweep sidewalk or yard in a old fashioned medieval way.

When the name of this product is Hot Witch you know this outfit isn't for a traditional 98 year old wrinkled witch. If you use all elements of the outfit the name is perfect. If you remove the hat and broom you can say that it's "just" a sexy outfit. Which isn't bad. The materials for the outfit are good. However one of the black could have another color. The morphs that comes in this outfit aren't that many. but those that's included are good. But I miss some morphs for the hat. All elements can fairly easy be used in another context. In all a well made outfit.

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