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Julia Hair

Julia Hair
Available at renderosity

Julia Hair is a long and highly detailed curled hair for both male and female characters and from both genesis 3 and 8. The hair is modelled with countless strands of hair modelled individually tog give a highly detailed look. For female characters It hasa few flirty strands in front to accentuate the feminine face of your caharcter.

Curled hair isn't a common thing. So if it vasn't for Prae at Renderosity there would hardly be any at all. Because this hair has countlees small strands of hair it also has a high polygon count. In this case a high polygon count is necessary to give the hair all the details it deserves.

With 20 different hair colors to choose from and most of them in the natual color range. It's almost certain that there is a hair color you can use. All color options are solid. That is the same color from root to tip but of cause with a little shading for a natural look. So unless you need a very specific shade you have alle the color options you need.

his hair is quite long when it is loaded. But having a soft spot for long hair I always try all hair length morphs. And with Julia Hair they all work well. The hair has more than fifty morphs divided into five groups. As long as your character is head up those morphs can do what ever you want. if you want your charater to lay down or wear a hat you have to be creative with D-formers or other tricks.

This hair is made for males as well as females. I most say that I dont think it's a masculine hair style. But thinking of the old movie "Comming to America" with Eddie Murphy. The hair may be used for males of the late 80s and early 90s. Or maybe a render from before the industrialization where hairdressers and haircuts for men wasn't a big thing.

The Julia Hair is a beautiful curled har for females. And even though it's made for males as well. I know that some men have long hair and some have curled hair by nature. But I don't think there's any masculine to this hair: The name points that out to.. Also because the hair is very fluffy and looks like it's straight from the hairdresser. The hair is highly detailed and comes with 20 haircolors and 50 morphs. Which can do it for most of your renders.

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