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The product title and main promo image gives you a good indication for what you get with this product.
Broken and shattered glass and mirrors in many sizes with plenty of morphs to break it and easy to animate.

Given what this product is and what I expecteded it to be. I'll have to say that it can't get any better than this.
All panes of glass have morphs to adjust the cracks. And all panes and debris have different material zones for each side, cracks and edge.

Usual I would rate the textures based on the quality of Iray materials. Here there are none. So I have to base it on 3Delight. There are 10 material settings included in the product. tinted glass, frosted glass and crack options. With these you can use one side or both as a mirror. Be careful. You might get 7 years of bas luck. All material in this product is made for 3Delight. For that simple reason that it was released before Iray was a part of Daz3D studio. For Iray users like me the missing Iray isn't a problem. Because Daz Studio comes with many different glass and mirror shaders. That more or less gives you the same possibilities with Iray.

All glass panes have a lot of morphs. Many of them removes a few fragments of the glass. some shatters the entire pane and shoots out fragments. finaly a few crack adjustments morphs.
With shattered glass comes debris both on the ground and in the air. All 10 debris props have a fine selection of arrangement morphs.
If there's anything missing it must be a morph for the transition between in-air and on-ground.

This product is perfect for anywhere you can place a square or rectangular pane of glass that is broken or shaddered. However I can't think of any other use for this product. There may be other materials that under certain conditions shatter in a similar way. but then it wouldn't be shaped like this.

This is a product I bought a few months after I downloaded Daz3D Studio. Back then I had the feeling that this i a great product I can use for a cool actionpacked render. Now I've finally done it.
With all the props in this product you can create scenes with all kinds of shattered windows. With a little creativity I'm sure you can create awesome animations.

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