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Visions Silk Robe G3F

Visions Silk Robe G3F
Available at daz3d

The Silk rope was release as a stand alone product and in a bundle with a bathroom environment. Other ideal environments could be a spa, a pool or a wellness area.

When I tried to pose the character in some slightly extreme poses the rope followed the pose perfect. Even when increasing the breasts to something huge the rope still looks natural. The on negative thing to mention is when you bend the thighs for a sitting pose, the back of the rope doesn't follow.

The rope comes with 10 different shiny silky colors. All of them are simple two color materials.

The outfit was many differen morphs to open to rope and reveal breast, two morps to push the shoulders of the rope down. If there is one thing I'm missing, then it's a morphs to untie just the waistband. After a while I found out that If you use the "Arms Down Off Shoulders" morph, then you cant bend at the elbow without a poke thorugh. The rope has a sitting morph too. I've not yet managed to use it without the thighs pokes through the rope.
Alot of these issues can be fixed with a D-former. But the rope should do it much better by itself as a start.

This outfit is a onepiece outfit. It can be used in environments like those mentioned above. I can't think of any obvious ways to combine this with something else. Apart from whenever it's somthing female you can add some heels and call it a photoshoot.
Can you use it with dForce right out of the box? Well. Sort of. The silk rope doesn't eksplode. But the waistband isn't connected to or hold in place by anything. So it drops to the floor. On the other hand with dForce applyed. the mesh smooting is ignored. and you'll quickly end up with areas where the rope pokes through the body

The outfit looks good as a start and there are a nice selection of materials. Thats the easy part of every product creation. the rope follows the pose of the body as it should.
But when you start to use the adjustment and movement morphs the problems start to appear. And way too soon you'll end with poke throughs. The rope was released when the creator was very productive. Maybe too productive.
I must say, that I'm not particularly impressed by this rope. If you buy this outfit and use it for more than a standard fit, you must be prepared for some pose fixing yourself.

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