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The Vault

The Vault
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The only place to safe keeping your invaluable belongings is the bank vault deep under ground. But the vault is also the best place to carry through the most spectacular bank heist in history. You just have to finde a new way in without triggering the alarm.

This scene isn't the biggest one you can buy. But as long as there are plenty of details it will do t The scene comes with two different material sets. Once loaded they both look very weird with bright mangenta, blue and yellow almost everywhere. But when you start render the look as expected. The inside of the vault door looks impresive with all the gears and bars. There are a wide variety of valueable props. to load afterwards to spice up the scene.

Two sets of materials. Usual environments only have one set of materials. So this is twice as much as usual I wish more interiors was sold with more than one material.

All 130 doors in the scene can be opened. And the two stepladders can be moved on their rail. In addition to this the vault door has rotatable dials and most if not all of the lock mechanics can be moved or rotated. With 24 rods and all their mechanic parts I don't think you'll ever start on that. But thumps up for making it possible.

The room and the vault boxes may not be easy to use together with something else. But the porps are awesome. A wide variety of money in coins and bills can be loaded as single, stacked or scattered on the floor. Add a bottle of champagne to the props and you could create a scene with a billionaire, who is doing things only a billionaire can do.
My only complaint about the props are the coins, that are scattered on the floor is too much in rows.

This environment is very detailed The room has the same flaw as many other interiors have. No way to enter or exit. Of cause the vault only has one way to enter. But the hall outside the vault has no way enter or exit. I would once again highlight that all vault boxxes can open, the two sets of materials and the props. In all I think it's a great scene and I look forward to use it in a cool render.

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