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Old Country Farmhouse

Old Country Farmhouse
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La Ferme
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Take a trip far away from the noise and smog polluted cities. Go to the rural areas, where life is simpler, and the air is clean and fresh. Visit this old farm house and you'll find the calm and inner peace, that youir heart desires.. Maybe you'll be offered a taste of the local quality products.

At first glace, this is a high quality building and envornment. modeled with a care for details and with many different levels and floors. But when you look a bit under the hood you'll start to see the flaws or limitations. one of the first things i noticed was that there's no windows on back side. Another thing was the walls inside the house. They are placed very close to doors and windows. That could have been done better, but it could also be worse or not even there.
To add to the positive side. I'll like all the vegetation. It gives a good atmosphere.

Only one set of materials. But what a set. I like how the sides of the house is a flat surface, and it's the material settings and image maps that make it look like a rough stone wall.
The walls Inside the house has a texture, that dosn't look like a pleasant interior. At least these walls have their own material, so it can easily be changed.

All doors and windows can open and close.

I can't find anything about this environment that tells where or when it is supposed to originate. That's not a bad thing. It could be the home of a noble or wealthy family in the medieval times where houses built of stone was a rare luxury. It could just as well be a rural mansion or vineyard in modern France or Italy.
On the other hand. I'm not sure when roof tiles became widely used.
The texture pack La Ferme is a little easier to place. That is only because of the flat concrete walls

This product has been sold as a PC+ item from day one. And sometimes there's a reason why it's sold at such a great discount as many PC+ items are. This product is very good when used in the same perspectives as shown in the promo images and that is pretty much it. A few details could have made this house much more useable. If there was added some windows to the two back walls, and if the house a stone fences was separated from the ground.
With all this said I still think it's a good environment, that can be use for many good renders now that you know where it has its flaws. If you're a PC+ member you can get it for just a few dollars.

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