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Muelsfell Elven Monolith Modular Set

Muelsfell Elven Monolith Modular Set
Available at daz3d

In the deepest forests, far from all curious citizens, you may be lucky to find the mysterious Elven Monolith. No one really knows the origin of this monolith. Is it here the elves once performed their rituals, or has the real origin been lost in the mists of time.

The modeling of the scene is very good. The monolith mesh is detailed as it should be, because it is the main element in the scene. The mesh of the gound, trees and rocks are rougher, when less details are need.

One set of materials. This one set does an excellent job. And So far I haven't rendered anything close enough to reveal the pixels in the texture.
I think it would have been awesome, if there was at least another material set. That could be a seasonal variation to the early summer materials in the set.

When the scene is loaded, everything is rigged and has the 3 morphs: side-side, bend and twist. I have no idea why it's made this way. But OK it doesn't do any bad either. Apart from this there aren't any morphs.

The title of this product says it's modular. Well. I can't find anything that makes this environment modular. There're no elements, in this product that it makes sense to stack or tile.
All elements in the scene like trees, debris, rocks and grass, can be loaded individually, and can be used in another scene if you like.

There are not many trees in the environment itself. This is fair and saves system resources. Instead there is a forest backdrop, which can be used with this or many other environments.
My first impression of this environment was, that after a few renders It would be hard to use it again, because it would be too easy to spot key elements like the monolith and the stairs. But as I'm writing this I have to look at the scene from all angles and I've realized, that it can be used in more renders than I thought.

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