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Classic Long Hair with dForce

Classic Long Hair with dForce
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Long hair is in my book one of the most feminine things a girl or woman could have, Big breasts or a big butt is fine if she has such, but long hair is just so much sexier.
When it comes to 3D, long hair can be a struggle to get right. Even today many long hairs still comes with a lot of movement morphs, and with a lot of fiddling you may get it right from that angle. Now that Daz3D Studio has had it dForce physics simulation engine for some time, a number of dForceable hairs has been released. Many of them are made by Linday. So let's take a look at one of them.

This is a high quality hair, with what I think is thousands of hair strands, which is needed to have a beautiful volume. Also it's worth to mention that I've never had a mesh explosion with this hair.

There are so many different colours for the hair, that it's difficult to choose which one I like the most for whatever I'm about to render. Definetly a luxury problem, even if I dont always agree with the colour description.

This hair is made for use with dForce. That's why there isn't any movement morphs. It is possible to adjustment the lenght and the intitial state before simulation. but you may have to do some test simulations to get the hair to end in the pose you want.

This hair is made for Genesis 8 female characters, but it can be used with males and genesis 3 people as well.

One of my favorite hairs for the Genesis 8 females.
The only real complaint I can come up with, is when you're simulating hair and a top/shirt, and the two items interfere with each others simulation process instead of simply affecting each other. But to be fair, this is an issue with the simulation engine, not the hair or clothing.
Being a dForce only hair gives its own set of challenges. With a traditional hair with movement morphs you can always see where the hair is. With a dForce hair you have to do a test simulation, but if you adjust the pose after simulation the hair doesn't just follow and has to be resimulated. But the final result with a much more natural hair flow is all worth the effort.

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