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Liquid Armor G8F

Liquid Armor G8F
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Another fantasy outfit to the growing collection. But the Liquid Armor Outfit is without the usual medieval feeling that most fantasy outfits has. Is this liquid armor a strong armor? What's it's origin. godlike or made by the devil himself? Is it toxic? does it have any influence on your body, physics or personality? Only the final render can tell.

This is an excellent product. I havn't found anything that acts weird in any way. Everything follows the movement of the body as it should. There are places where items overlap each other but with liquids that doesn't matter. The only thing I can think of that could be better are the toes in the boots. Because each toe has a claw it would have been awesome if each toe was moveable.

Many colourful materials, and all materials can be applied to all elements. With the exception of the glow, they can only be applied to the gloves. The downside I think is that up close the materials dosn't look that liquid to me. But I don't know how to do it better. A seperate materialzone for the feetclaws would had been nice.

There are six morphs in the set. three for the gloves, two for the boots and one for the back. I find the three morphs for the gloves most useful, and the high heel morph for the boots is the most silly. But with all those fantasy and medieval outfits I have and have seen, I'm very happy that the boots doesn't force me to deal with the heels. The number of morphs may not be impressive, but I don't think I really need more.

Of course each individual part can be used on its own. I cant think of any other set of wearables that fits with this one. That is, not when it comes to some kind of liquid slimy thing. But on the other hand, depending on the context of a render maybe a combination with some slime props or water splashes.

I like this set of wearable items. It's called liquid armor. Armor? it's not the way I think of armor. Anyway. It may not be the most obvious choice for most renders. But the more I think about it the more scenes I can come up with where it makes some kind of sense to use this outfit

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