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Geneva Hair G3F

Geneva Hair G3F
Available at daz3d

Long hair in a 3D environment without a physics engine has always been a challenge and Daz 3D Studio is no exception. It is hard work to make it look natural and not like something that defies gravity.

Geneva hair is a long rigged ponytail divided into three tails that can be shaped and posed individually. It comes with 15 different hair colors. 6 in natural colors and 9 hair colors that are mixed or cartoonish. The versatility af this hair makes i one of my absolute 3D hair favorites.

High quality. high posablility. great textures. There is one thing I don't really get. Why is the band between the head and the tail in the same color as the hair. The tail has 3 bones. that can do it in most cases. But one or two more would have been useful.

All materials are good and looks natural when rendered. Maybe not the blue, pink and green hair color, but they are not natural to begin with. All the mixed colors are striped vertical. That is the stripes start from the head and goes to the ends.

This hair comes with options to hide/unhide the fringes (side bangs) or the tail. It also comes with number of poses that add either wind effect or curls to the hair.

This hair has a number of poses, that is a good place to start. But poses are never exactly as you want, that is why I love this hair for being rigged, so I can pose it exactly as I want.

As mentioned above this is one of my favorite hair assets and can highly recommend it. One thing is that long har simply adds charm to any female. Another thing is how posable this hair is compared to any other hair with a dozen of hair morphs.

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